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For more than 30 years, Master International A/S has developed high-end HR test tools. The tools are used for both recruitment and team development.

Master International A/S focuses on development. They build and modernize their tests, solutions, and software in-house and have a network of Partners taking care of sales, support, and consultancies.

They are currently on a fast and exciting journey where they are expanding to new markets and regions. Perhaps you have never heard of Master, but we create psychological assessment software used daily by HR departments and Recruitment Consultants in more than 20 countries, and thousands of people are being tested by solutions every week.

The Project….

The platform consists of a suite of applications and tools used by the customers, their employees and candidates, external system vendors, our partners, and our colleagues.

The backend is implemented in .NET Framework and hosted on Azure. It provides core functionality for their psychologists to develop and maintains test solutions based on psychometric theories and data analytics.