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Systems Engineer – Core Team

This is one of the largest Linux/Open source environments in Scandinavia, with 45 passionate engineering co-workers.

We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Systems Engineer to take up the challenge of building and maintaining the core infrastructure that enables us to host millions of websites, and email accounts on thousands of servers as well as several specific services that our customers have access to.

You will have the chance to join this inspiring and global organization and be part of an exciting journey going forward with a company, that is growing internationally and cares about its employees.

Since our beginning in 2002, has been constantly evolving and is today one of the leading companies in Europe within the domain- and web hosting. We offer an international environment where we focus on flexibility. It is important for us, to be able to offer you a workplace, that you do not want to leave. is a growing company where employee satisfaction is highly prioritized.

At you can expect:

  • A full-time position with a dynamic compensation package

  • Health insurance and health checks

  • Healthy and variated lunch arrangement

  • A modern office environment in one of the best locations in Copenhagen

  • Flexible work and “Work from home” options (2 fixed days a week at the office and the rest is up to you)

  • Several social and professional events

  • A free website with domain and hosting

Your areas of responsibility will be…..

  • Working with Linux based open source software solutions

  • Architect and write the code that defines the services that we will be able to offer to our customers tomorrow.

  • Write software to provide high performance and highly available services with millions of daily users

  • Maintaining and improving the internal services required to run more than a million websites and several million mail accounts

Your skills……

  • Strong Linux skills

  • A passion for automation – strong DevOps mindset

  • A solid understanding of distributed systems

  • You know what idempotency and eventual consistency means in a computing context

  • Experience using PostgreSQL or other SQL variants

  • Experience with REST APIs, GitHub, Chef, Golang, Python and RabbitMQ would be great!

Experience with data management processes and data warehouse cons

How to work believes in teamwork all the way as we are stronger when we discuss ideas openly and review each other’s code. has some of the strongest minds within open source and Linux in Denmark, so be ready to learn a lot when you join. We promise it will be challenging and fun. has built most of its processes based on technical solutions rather than paperwork and manuals, so we can move fast, accelerated, and supported by technology.

Become a part of

  • More than 2,800,000 domains in 150 countries

  • More than 570 employees

  • English is the corporate language

  • Strong team spirit

  • Big ambitions for now and the future

For more information, please contact CoreSearch at +45 7026 0326 or send us a mail at


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